With the gradual easing of lockdown  as of 12 April 2021  Alexander Technique one to one lessons are permitted subject to the appropriate measures. I will follow all guidelines. Social distancing can obviously not be maintained in a lesson as Alexander teachers work with our hands to bring about fundamental improvements. Part of each lesson will follow a "hands off" approach which can still provide a valuable learning experience.  If you are interested in lessons, whether you are someone who has had lessons previously or are a novice, please if possible email me in the first instance. Or phone if preferred. If you are anxious about one to one lessons at this time, but are keen to learn something about the Alexander Technique consider Zoom lessons as a possibility.  They are a bit cheaper than normal lessons. Contact me for information.      


Tel: 01543 262346 


Christine Rapley MSTAT

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Alexander Technique Teacher

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01543 262346