The Alexander Technique



Christine Rapley MSTAT

Alexander Technique Teacher

Location LICHFIELD, Staffs

Frederick Matthias Alexander was born in Tasmania in 1869 and died in London in 1955. He taught his Technique from its earliest beginnings very near to the end of his life in his mid 80s.   As a young man, FM Alexander was an actor. He developed some vocal problems (common amongst people who use the voice professionally). Out of a desire to cure himself of this, as he successfully did - came a realisation that by accident he had hit upon something of extraordinary significance. That did not apply solely to vocal problems. Some people (myself included) reckon he was a genius.  His unique Technique is now taught in many countries and can be applied to many specialised activities. Actors, singers, musicians,dancers, performers, sportsmen and women have benefitted and improved their craft by learning this unique Technique. It is of general benefit,  not limited to these categories. There is now a vast range of literature available which gives an idea of the diversity of application of the Alexander Technique. Golfers, swimmers, runners, and many  sportspeople have improved their careers with Alexander Technique. It is recognised as being extremely useful for most of the performing arts. The RSC have employed highly skilled Alexander Technique vocal experts over many years. Performing artists sometimes train as Alexander teachers (as I did). A small number of GPs have trained as Alexander teachers - dentists also!     



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