Books, CDs and DVDs on the Alexander Technique & related subjects

  F.M Alexander's Writings:                              

"Man's Supreme Inheritance" first published in the UK in 1910. New edition 1996, published by Mouritz  

    "Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual" first published in the UK 1923. New edition 2004 published by Mouritz.          

  "The Use of the Self" first published in the UK 1932.    

"The Universal Constant in Living" first published in the UK 1941. New edition published by Mouritz in 2000. 

"Authorised Summaries of F.M Alexander's Four Books" Ron Brown Published by STAT Books 1992                         

Books by "First Generation" Alexander Teachers (trained by F.M Alexander):        

Wilfred Barlow: "The Alexander Principle", published by Vista 1988

     "More on the Alexander Principle" first published by Gollancz 1978

"More Talk of Alexander- Aspects of the Alexander Technique" - edited by Dr Wilfred Barlow. Published by Mouritz with minor emendations and additions 2005  

Marjorie Barlow " An Examined Life" Marjorie Barlow and the Alexander Technique. Published by Mornum Time Press 2002 

"Alexander Technique - The Ground Rules" Marjorie Barlow in conversation with Sean Carey. Published by HITE 2011   

Walter Carrington: see under heading "Primarily for Alexander Teachers"

Patrick Macdonald "The Alexander Technique as I See It" - published by Rahula Books 1989

Lulie Westfeldt: "FM Alexander the Man and his Work" Memoirs of Training in the Alexander Technique 1931-1934. Published by Mouritz 1998 (first published 1968). 






























Audio Visual:

DVD "From Stress to Freedom with the Alexander Technique" by Alexander teacher Anthony Kingsley 2006.

DVD FM Alexander 1949-50 FM Alexander, Walter Carrington & Marjorie Barstow. £25 available from Mouritz.

Numerous movies viewable online - many fine streaming videos. Costs eg £4.88 for a 48 hour streaming. Individual movies or set including International Congress Limerick 2015. Workshops by eminent teachers from around the world. 

Publishers of Alexander Technique Books:

  • Mouritz
  • Novis
  • Mornum Time Press
  • HITE

    Journals/ Magazines:

"Conscious Control" - bi-annual journal of FM Alexander Technique available from Mouritz

"Direction Journal" Subscription for journals and access online to many excellent audio and articles

Of Interest to Pupils, Students and Teachers of the Alexander Technique:

"The Philosopher's Stone" Diaries of Lessons with F.Mattias Alexander - edited by Jean M.O.Fischer - published by Mouritz 1998 

"The Expanding Self" - by Godard Binkley. Published by STAT Books 1993

"Paths to the Alexander Technique" edited by Shelagh Aitken 2016 

Frank Pierce Jones "Freedom to Change" reprinted 2003 published by Mouritz. First published as "Body Awareness in Action" in 1976.

"Collected Writings on the Alexander Technique" by Frank Pierce Jones on the F Matthias Alexander Technique. Published by Centerline Press

Frank Pierce Jones was mostly trained by FM Alexander's brother Albert Redden (AR) Alexander

"Connected Perspectives - Alexander Technique in Context by Claire Rennie & Tanya Shoop 2015

The following are primarily for Alexander Teachers and are concerned with teaching - although they may also aid and deepen the understanding of serious pupils & students:

Walter Carrington - "Explaining the Alexander Technique - the Writings of FM Alexander" Carrington in conversation with Sean Carey. First published 1992 Sheildrake Press. 2nd edition published by Mouritz 2004.

  • "Personally Speaking" Talks as delivered to students on the Constructive Training Course at Lansdowne Road, London. First published 1986 Sheildrake Press 1986. 2nd edition published by Mouritz 2001.
  • "The Act of Living" Talks on the Alexander Technique - edited by Jerry Sontag. Published Mornum Time Press 1999. 
  • "A Time to Remember" - Walter Carrington Diaries of teaching AT in 1946 
  • "Taking Time" - Six interviews with first generation teachers of AT on training. Published by Novis 2001.

Elizabeth Langford "Mind & Muscle An Owner's Handbook" published by Garant 1999  &"Only Connect - Reflections on Teaching the Alexander Technique" Published by Alexandertechniek Centrum VZW 2004 

Theodore Dimon "The Use of the Hands in Teaching" £12.50 . Also "Breathing and the Voice - a Practical Guide to Whispered Ah" both available from Mouritz 




















































































     Books with specialised focus applying Alexander Technque to:

    Horse riding: - "Riding Success without Stress" by Joni Bentley      published by J.A. Allen 1999 2 volumes.

"Body Sense" by Sally A.Tottle published by Kenilworth Press 1998

Voice & Singing: - "Voice & The Alexander Technique" - Jane Ruby Heirich. Published by Mornum Time Press 2005. Paperback edition 2011.

"Your Body, Your Voice" The Key to Natural Singing and Speaking" by Theodore Dimon, EdD. Published by North Atlantic Books Berkeley, California.2011

"Born to Sing" A singer's journey toward mind-body unity by Ron Murdock. Published by Mornum Time Press 2015

Music: - "Indirect Procedures - A Musician's Guide to the Alexander Technique (The Integrated Musician" by Pedro de Alcantara. Published 2013

"The Alexander Technique for Musicians" by Peter Buckoke & Judith Kleinman. Kingfisher Readers 2013.

"What Every Musician Needs to Know about the Body" The Practical Application of Body Mapping to Making Music by Barbara Conable published by Andover Educators 2000. 

Running: -  "The Art of Running with the Alexander Technique" by Malcolm Balk and Andrew Shields. 2016

Fitness: - :Master the Art of Working Out - Raising Your Performance with the Alexander Technique". Published by Collins & Brown 2007 

Swimming: - "The Art of Swimming in a New Direction with the Alexander Technique" by Steven Shaw. Published by Ashgrove Publishing 2001.

"Master the Art of Swimming - Raising your Performance with the Alexander Technique" by Steven Shaw 2006

Acting:  "The Alexander Technique for Actors" by Kelly McEvenue. Performance Books 2001

"The Actor and the Alexander Technique" by Kelly McEvenue & Patsy Rodenburg 2002 

"Integrative Technique for Performing Artists (Onstage Synergy)" by Cathy Madden. 2014

Dance: "Dance and the Alexander Technique - Exploring the Missing Link" by Rebecca Netti-Fiol & Luc Vanier 2011

"What Every Dancer Needs to Know About the Body" A Workbook of Body Mapping and the Alexander Technique by Robin Gilmore. Published by Andover Press 2005. 

"Touching Lives - Memoirs of an Alexander Technique Teacher working with the RSC and the National Theatre by Sue Laurie. 2016  

"Playing with Posture" Positive Child Development using the Alexander Technique by Sue Holladay. Published by HITE 2012   

& "The Elements of Skill a Conscious Approach to Learning

"Directed Activities" by Gerard Grennell published by Mouritz 2002.

Books that relate to the history of FM Alexander and / or the Alexander Technique:

  • J.A Evans "F.M Alexander - A Family History" published by Phillimore 2001
  • Michael Bloch - "F.M The Life of Frederick Matthias Alexander Founder of the Alexander Technique" published by Little, Brown 2004
  • Rosslyn McLeod "Up From Down Under" The Australian Origins of Frederick Matthias Alexander and the Alexander Technique". Published by Rosslyn McLeod.

A number of these books are available from the excellent website of Mouritz  Some books are reduced price when purchased via this website.