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There have been numerous clinical trials & published research. Research is ongoing and a body of evidence of the effectiveness of the Alexander Technique is growing.   


ATeam Randomized controlled trial on Alexander Lessons published 19 August 2008 in the British Medical Journal

An end to back pain! "Lessons in the Alexander Technique have long term benefits for chronic back pain sufferers".

Significant long-term benefit from Alexander Technique lessons for low back pain has been demonstrated by a major study published by the British Medical Journal on 19th August 2008

Scientific randomized controlled trial of Alexander Technique lessons,

Exercise and Massage (ATEAM) for chronic and recurrent back pain

579 patients with chonic or recurrent back low back pain; 144 were randomized to normal care, 147 to massage, 144 to six Alexander lessons, and 144 to 24 Alexander Technique lessons; half of each of these groups were randomized to exercise prescription.

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A large randomized controlled trial was carried out and results published in 2013 ATLAS: Alexander Technique lessons or acupuncture for persons with chonic neck pain. Overall participants experienced nearly a third less pain and associated disability at the end of the trial than at the start (31% reduction for those who had Alexander lessons).    

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An excellent source of information including precis of various published research into Alexander Technique and

Neck pain, Back pain, Chronic pain, Parkinson's Disease, Osteoarthritis,Postural & ergonomic skills, Balance in older people, Movement Coordination,

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