Christine Rapley   MSTAT

Develop and refine coordinated use of mind and body

Experienced Alexander Technique Teacher qualified 1992

►    In continous practice over 25 years

►    Ex professional dancer/ teacher / choreographer





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Problems We All Share:

  • Aches & Pains: eg. bad back, stiff neck, headaches, RSI                                      
  • Strain: undue effort is required to do everyday activities
  • Tiredness: constant feeling of physical & mental fatigue
  • Stress: feeling under pressure - cannot cope
  • Anxiety: fearful - unable to attempt new pursuits
  • Under achievement: trouble reaching the goals we set ourselves
  • Lack of control: eg. mind wandering, over indulgence

A Hidden Cause: Misuse

  • Distortion of the Body: most people are pulling themselves out of shape - distorting their framework - in all of their everyday activities, by the over exertion of muscular effort. Moving and engaging in activities with a distorted body causes us to injure ourselves, it puts pressure on the joints (RSI, tennis elbow etc) and on the internal organs (which may impede digestion, circulation and breathing)
  • Agitation of the Mind: most people cannot control the direction of their thinking. Their thougts often go round and round, worrying over problems. This prevents clear thinking, peace of mind and restful sleep and, crucially, prevents us directing out actions successfully. We're often thinking of something other than the matter at hand.   
  • Habitual Nature of Misuse: this misuse of our mind and body is difficult to address because it is constant, habitual and hence so familiar to us that we are not aware of it.

The Key to a Solution:  Prevention of Misuse

  • The Alexander Technique enables us to become aware of how and when we pull ourselves out of shape and to learn to maintain our poise and balance in all situations.
  • By preventing misuse we can consciously employ the best use of ourselves for each activity - the coordinated use of mind and body.

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2022 will possibly be my last year of teaching Alexander Technique private lessons.